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5 Important Benefits Of Having Distribution Warehouse At Multiple Locations

Businesses are using advanced technologies to cut down various expenses and increase their profitability. These technologies have enabled them to maintain and control several warehouses for distributed inventory through a single system of surveillance.

Benefits of having multiple inventory warehousing facilities are –

  1. Risk distribution

The idea of multi-location warehousing is to deliver uninterrupted services irrespective of any natural calamities or human errors. If you have inventory distribution at different locations, then you can divert the inventory to cover the urgent requirement of your customer during calamities like floods and storms.

It will not only satisfy your customer, but also builds a strong trustworthy relation in doing business with you.

  1. Reduces shipping costs

When you operate through a dedicated warehouse, the distance increases for a few customers located far away from your warehouse. It increases your cost of shipping and delivery time. Your customers may hesitate to continue the business with you.

In case you have multiple warehouses at different locations, you can bring down the transit times by delivering from the location closest to your buyer. It helps you to save a lot of money and reduce delivery time.

  1. Faster delivery

In the era of advanced technology and a fast-running lifestyle, a long delivery time to complete order can hamper your sales. You can maintain multiple distribution centres for the fastest delivery features. For any orders, you can provide quick delivery from one of the centers nearest to your customer location. It will increase the market value of your product.

The corrugated box inventory storage of Belley has helped their customer to save on time, money and space. Founded in 1985, they operate with multiple warehousing facilities across North America. You can also get an online quote for premium-corrugated boxes of any custom design and size. They provide low-priced boxes in the North East regions and provide on-time delivery surety.

  1. Backup plan

Multiple inventory locations provide a backup plan for any sales during emergencies. When one location does not have a particular product, you may get delivered from another location to satisfy your customer requirements. It maintains the supply chain activities to make your customer happy.

  1. Offer competitive price

When you save a lot of money on shipment, you can offer lots of perks and offers to your customer to stand ahead of your competitors. You can also offer a discounted price to attract more customers.

Multiple warehousing at different locations will spare you more time to focus on the growth of your business instead of worrying about inventory, fast delivery and shipment.