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A Guide To Understanding The Value Of Microsoft’s Power BI

As big data continues to dominate the way that organizations make decisions, it’s become clear that business intelligence tools are extremely useful in maintaining a competitive advantage. These tools are what help in identifying key performance indicators within customer data. Through the use of this data, businesses have a much easier time making the right decisions internally. Within this post, the ways in which the business intelligence tool offered by Microsoft, Power BI, contributes to the success of many businesses nationwide.

Customized Dashboards With The Reports You Need

Like many business intelligence tools, Power BI supports the creation of dashboards that include the reports any member of an organization will need. As this tool is capable of integrating with proprietary systems and applications, nothing important will ever slip through the cracks. Couple this with the personalization options and it becomes very clear as to how this tool can improve efficiency within an organization.

The Power Of Assessment

A sophisticated platform such as Power BI allows its users to make more informed decisions based off its analysis and assessment. Rather than needing to decode complex charts and tables in order come to the right conclusion, Power BI simplifies the process and makes determining the right decision that much more efficient.


Operating straight from the cloud, no organization will ever be bogged down by the system requirements of Power BI. Every user is able to find and access information they need at a moment’s notice.

An Integration Process That Is Actually Easy

Citing its’ cloud-based nature once again, Power BI has little trouble integrating into any of the systems or operations of a business. This means that proprietary applications will be supported and connected to this platform. Unfortunately, even with this simplified integration, many employees will still struggle with their familiarity with these systems. When this occurs, businesses should consider looking to third-party instructors that offer Power BI training courses to assist their employees in the art of Power BI.

Trusting The Microsoft Promise

When you look to a worldwide behemoth in the technology space for one of their most trusted resources, it’s clear that you’re putting all your eggs in the right basket. The partners that do use Power BI often feel secure in that the software they’re utilizing is going to receive the highest level of support from Microsoft; often seen in the forms of updates like various additional features or improvements to performance overall functionality of the platform.

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