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Athens – The gates to the Islands

Athens, the Greek capital is perfect as a winter base for the world’s top superyachts, witty some of the finest amenities, a vibrant life as well as some of the best cruising grounds just a few nautical miles away. For the last decades, the rich and famous have been flocking to the greek islands of Mykonos, Santorini and Corfu to enjoy the pristine beaches as well as the most vibrant beach clubs in the Mediterranean. Discover with us the yachting life aboard superyachts in the Greek capital.

Athens offers a few superyacht marinas, ideal for the largest yachts to find winter berthing in the utmost safety and in a vibrant city. Zea Marina, located in Pireas, one of the historical districts of Athens offers world-class accommodations, with exceptional protections and the highest level of services. Flisvos Marina just on the other side offers second protected yacht heaven, ideal for superyacht crew looking to enjoy the vibrant city. With a strong nautical heritage, especially in the commercial sector, the Greek city offers the world’s top refit shipyards with the shortest distance, a variety of suppliers and chandlers. Yacht provisioning in Athens is remarkably easy, with regular deliveries from the main suppliers, ideal to keep the crew well fed and the guests served the very best products. If you are looking to buy or sell one of the local boats, surveying a yacht in Athens is also easy with some of the best surveyors heading there regularly. 

The Greek Islands are just a few nautical miles cruise from the capital, ideal for the elite travellers to use Athens as a base. The island of Corfu, after crossing the Corinth Canal will open a world of secluded beaches, uninhabited islands and a variety of nature excursions, a radically different experience to the vibrant Mykonos. In the Cyclades, Mykonos, the most vibrant island of the Greek Archipelago offers a variety of beach clubs and night clubs, perfect for charter guests looking to party in style. Just South of Mykonos you will find Santorini, one of the most beautiful places in the world, with white-washed buildings perched on a cliff overlooking the water. 

The Greek Islands are some of the finest cruising grounds, perfectly serviced by the capital and ideal to be used by the superyacht as a winter base. The archipelagos offer over 1,200 islands to explore by the world elite.