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Best investments in 2021: what to invest in?

Many sectors have emerged from this health crisis, and others have accelerated their transformation. This rapid change automatically creates (and has already started to develop) a transfer of value in these new sectors. So let’s take a look at these new opportunities for investments in new sectors such as food tech, AI, ICOs etc.

Food tech

What we call “food-tech” concerns all innovations around agriculture: vertical agricultural farms in hydroponics, short circuit urban markets installed on the roofs, vermiculture farms … technological evolution is dazzling, and we do not. Here again, we are only at the beginning. We all know that we need to radically rethink how we produce and consume food by becoming more respectful of the environment, the land, the water, and the animals. We recommend going through specialized and mutualized investment funds to invest in these new sectors in full revolution.

AI tech

The tech world is exploding with innovation such as drones, self-driving cars, wireless electricity, neuroscience, nanotechnology … the tech world is exploding with innovation and creativity. We are on the cusp of a new Enlightenment era, this time digital. The decade ahead of us has tremendous growth levers in store for us. Innovation is everywhere if we know how to position ourselves in the right sectors. As with food tech, always the same principle if you are interested in this sector and invest in it.

How to invest in these profitable sectors

Become business angel

The best road to take is to become a so-called business angel. You can become a business angel by investing directly in the capital of one or more companies operating in artificial intelligence. So yes, it certainly sounds a lot like investing through a securities account, but here you are active, not just passive. You can get really and actively involved in the company’s development if, of course, you like it (and you have free time).

Initial Coin Offering

An ICO (or Initial Coin Offering) is the equivalent of an IPO (Initial Public Offering) in the world of cryptocurrencies. More generally and without comparison with the stock market, an ICO is fundraising in cryptocurrency (possibly in fiat currency) whose counterpart corresponds to tokens or cryptos specific to the financed project. This financing system radically changes the way of raising funds.

The number of these fundraisers literally exploded from 2017. In fact, more than 3.5 billion dollars were raised in 2017 through this means!

These fundraisers can be extremely profitable. To find the right investment, start by perusing the ICO calendar and see the teams behind every project, the usability of the product or service, market caps, and conditions for investing.

Acquire securities (shares)

Acquire active securities (shares) of companies you identified as developing technology or know-how in or around artificial intelligence. You can do this in particular through a securities account. Be careful, however, if you are not a financial professional to take good care to inform yourself in detail about the seriousness and the effective operationality of these companies.