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Conducting the perfect stay interview

Stay interviews are private conversations between the employer and an employee to get the employees’ perspective on things in the company.

The following are things that must be considered while conducting the interview.

  • Who conducts the interview

A staff manager should do the interview. Given that this person handles the staff, it will be easier for them to have a genuine and open conversation. Also, they get to build trust with eachother. Research shows that most employees quit because of a lack of trust in their managers.

  • The interviewee

The interview should not only focus on the staff who have stayed longer and those who are good at what they do but also on those whose performance is wanting.

The interviewer will get to understand both sides and thus bring out some harmony.

  • Where to conduct the interview

To ensure that the staff member is comfortable, it would be advisable to ask where they would like the interview to be conducted.

  • Time to conduct the interview

To get the best results, it’s advisable to conduct the interview when they are fully adapted to the environment, work culture, and the other staff member. It should never be when they’ve just started. Also, make sure you conduct stay interviews all together in the same week or month so as not to delay applying the suggested changes.

  • Time spent

Depending on the staff member, the interview should last not less than twenty minutes to an hour. The questions should also be different for each person because they are all different as individuals and presumably in different fields.

Considering the above, below are other points you should consider to get the most from the stay interviews.

  • Consistency

Consistency is a word that is present in every success story. If you want the employees to take you seriously and trust you, make this process consistent and transparent. The time between the stay interviews should be after a year.

  • Ask personal questions

Don’t be afraid to know your staff members on a personal level. It’s advisable to know your employee’s goals, what keeps them moving, their challenges, among other things.

  • Target specific employees

It is advisable for a firm to know its most essential employees. It is getting to know who they enable you to know who you want to retain. However, it is advisable not to conduct stay interviews with them only because it may cause commotion in the workplace.

  • listen and implement

The stay interviews as an employee retention strategy will be worthless if nothing changes after they are done. The employees will notice slacking on your part, and respect will be lost.

  • Conserve anonymity

Some employees may have a lot to say, but they may not be willing to do it in a one-on-one conversation. Therefore a suggestion box will come in handy to make sure their views are heard.


Stay interviews not only increases the efficiency of staff members but also help bring out the best abilities of staff as well as improve the relationship between employee and employer.