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Five factors to consider when apartment hunting in Boston

Apartment hunting is quite a hassle in itself. You probably have a bucket list of “must haves” when searching for an apartment in Boston like ample closet space, an updated kitchen, large windows, and so forth.

When making a final decision on what apartment to settle for, do not overlook a few odds and ends that will ultimately help you find the perfect rental. Keep the following tips in mind when looking for your next apartment.

Where to live in Boston

The first step to your apartment searching is deciding where to reside, regardless of being a newcomer or living in the Boston neighborhood. One of the most famous places to live is in Fenway.  It’s a bustling college town in the heart of Boston, and there is no shortage of available Fenway apartments. Other factors to look out for are:

  • Healthcare and public transportation options

It is essential to living in a place where you can access public means hence easing your movements from one point to another. Also, ensure that you do not live very far from a healthcare facility.

  • Proximity to friends and family

From time to time, you will interact with your family and friends. Therefore, you must live in an apartment where you will be able to meet them and socialize.

  • The main point of interest

When exploring an apartment to live in, mind your points of interest, such as work or schools. You do not want to give your children the trouble of attending schools that are far away. Your workplace should not be blocks away from where you are living. It will help you in cutting on travel time and costs.

Fenway apartments boast of being near eateries, world-class museums, and colleges. It is in the center of historic downtown Boston.

  • Apartment size

As you search for an apartment, consider the type of apartment plan that suits your lifestyle and needs. Consider a one-bedroom or studio if you are living alone. If you are relocating with your family, a two-bedroom unit will be perfect.

The additional space will be more than enough for your family and any visiting guests. Also, consider an apartment with a spacious balcony for yourself and your pets. It is a superb place to spend your me-time.

  • What should be included in your budget?

Once you decide on the apartment you will live in, get to know all the amenities included in the monthly rent. In addition to monthly rent, add the following to your budget;

  • Hot water and heat
  • Electricity and gas
  • Internet and cable services
  • Junk removal

Engage current tenants and leasing consultants on the monthly expenses for the above services. It will help you in planning and budgeting yourself. Also, add groceries to that list too.

Parting shot

Keep all these tips in mind as you explore your tour of apartment hunting. Look out for the latest listings as there is always an apartment out there for you. Settle for the one that you can afford and also meets your needs. Have a happy apartment searching!