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Handy Explains Why Small Company Proprietors Have to Employ a Business Consultant


According to Handy, business consultants can be incredibly valuable to small business owners when they need expert guidance for growing their business into something more substantial. They essentially eliminate the need to experiment with their finances or risk losing a ton of money and time when maintaining or expanding their business.

The Reasons

Here are a few reasons why small company proprietors have to employ a business consultant:

  1. Knowledge and expertise – One of the biggest factors that can restrict the growth of a business is limited knowledge and expertise. Unfortunately, many small business owners don’t have the necessary knowledge that corporate powerhouses have and this often stunts their growth in the early years.

Fortunately, guidance from reputed business consultants who have owned successful businesses over the years or worked with multiple successful companies can help fill that gap. With their broad spectrum of knowledge and refined expertise, they can quickly analyze problems relating to operations, marketing, finance, strategy, and IT and figure out the best solution possible to move forward.

  1. They help save time – Small business owners are limited in their resources which is why they have to multitask and juggle a plethora of workloads. As a result, they are also severely limited in their time. So, business consultants can be an essential element for their success since they can ease the workload to somebody who is more competent and won’t require a lot of time to figure out problems and solve or create new strategic plans without wasting much time.
  1. They can help create excellent strategic plans – Most start-ups are confused about the direction where their business is headed during the initial years and don’t have a solid strategic plan in place. Without any clear goals or references to look up to, they cannot assess what needs to be done.

That’s why most small business owners hire a business consultant from the get-go since they help with creating the appropriate strategic plans, marketing plans, and also plan the critical steps that a small business must take to over the early pitfalls and overcome the competition to become a well-known brand and establish a strong footing in the market.

  1. They can help to identify and solve problems – Another reason why small business owners need to hire experienced business consultants is that the outside help can often help reflect on internal problems with operations and activity execution that are easy to miss internally which prevents team members from identifying critical problems. Business consultants are often able to detect the foundations of bad planning and execution from an early stage which can prevent utter and unfixable chaos in the future.


Handy believes that every small business owner can stand to benefit from hiring reputed businesses consultants. They can become the cornerstone of their success during the early years and proceed to become even more useful during the late stages of development and further expansion. Plus, hiring an experienced business consultant boost employee morale and confidence.