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How Much Does Hiring Private Security Cost

Those who live in the public eye usually lead lifestyles that are fundamentally different from the majority of the population. They may have advantages that other people have not, but they also have concerns that are beyond those of the normal person. The demand for private security services is one of the most pressing challenges. Due to threats from enthusiastic fans, opportunistic criminals, and others, celebrities, CEOs, pro sports, and other high-profile individuals often feel they must be on watch 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These concerns can be alleviated with private security.

Having private protection on hand can also assist certain firms. Professionals can dissuade vandalism, prevent the theft of valuables and sensitive information, and make the public feel safer. Finding a service to provide this degree of safety, from armed guards at banking institutions to individuals who patrol shopping malls, is one of the smartest choices a company can do.

However, considering the stakes for a VIP or a business, employing private security comes at a cost. Continue reading to find out how much personal security for you or your business might cost.

Hiring Security: Things To Consider

If you’re considering hiring a personal security detail or business protection, there are a few questions you should consider. Do you believe you require protection on a regular basis or only in specific circumstances? You should also consider how many professionals will be required to keep an eye on things. What amount of experience do you think the people looking after you should have? What are some of the most difficult aspects of securing your house or business? Are there any particular vulnerabilities that need to be addressed?

The answers to these and other questions are critical in evaluating the level of security you need. As a result, these elements decide the amount of money you’ll need to pay.

Personal Security

A solitary bodyguard is the most basic level of personal protection. A VIP might anticipate to pay around $100 per hour for a single armed guard for short-term deployments, such as during a public presentation or at a trade show. Depending on the circumstances, 24-hour bodyguard services can cost more than $70,000 per month. This means that a single person’s security for a year can cost approximately $900,000.

This may seem like a lot, and it is, but keep in mind that trained bodyguards must possess a unique set of abilities. Because it is part of their job description to put their lives ahead of yours, the pay must reflect this.

Private Drivers

A driver who is more than a chauffeur and is ready to respond to a threat at any time is required for certain VIPs. Security-trained drivers can be hired for around $350 per day, or $500 per day if they need to carry a pistol. Keep in mind, however, that after the person under protection arrives at his or her destination, these professionals typically do not give any extra services.

Security Consultants

These experts take on a more consultative or advisory role, analyzing potential hazards and developing solutions to mitigate them. They are usually former military or law enforcement officers, and depending on their degree of experience, their services can cost up to $500 per day.

Security For Large Events

It’s critical to have qualified and experienced experts casting a close eye over the proceedings at large-scale events like trade exhibitions, concerts, and festivals. They can conduct entrance inspections, patrol the grounds, and intervene if there are any problems. Depending on the source, hiring these employees can cost anything from $45 to $150 per hour.

Security Organizations

A professional security organization is usually required to protect commercial premises such as office buildings and retail malls. These businesses supply clients with security guards who can roam around the property looking for signals of trouble, monitor who comes in and out, and, in some situations, respond to any problems that may arise. As you might assume, the price of these services is determined by a variety of factors. These factors include the number of people needed, how long they’ll be on the job, the size of your property, and more.

It’s true that employing private security to protect yourself and/or your property isn’t inexpensive. It is, nevertheless, well worth the investment when compared to the cost of not having qualified personnel looking out for your best interests.

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