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It’s Time to dive into gold

When gold prices are falling, it’s usually a good time to buy gold bullion. Right now the price is still affordable. In 2021, there were analysts who were predicting the price to rise to $ 3,000 an ounce. It has been a bad time for investors but a good time for gold investors. The price of gold has since dropped. Even with the geopolitical tensions rising and inflation going up – the price of gold hasn’t reacted with the vigor that it was expected to. It seemed to have been at a resistance level of $1,700 an ounce to $1,800 an ounce. If we were to go into a serious recession now, the chances of gold springing up again are high, so now might be the perfect time to buy gold before something shakes it from its resistance level. You should buy bullion bars whilst the price of gold is still below $2,000. If you are thinking of buying gold, you should follow financial news. Read what other people are saying about gold and try and pick up what the trends are.  Serious gold investors follow the news and make it a point to understand how the economy works in relation to gold. With research and more information you can be able to follow markets less like a trader but like a businessman. Sometimes, you might have to bide your time. There is no telling when things might take a turn. For example: the housing crash of 2007, didn’t happen overnight. It was something that had been developing for years until it all caved in 2008 when it morphed into the biggest global credit crisis in recent history.

Stock market and commodity trends take months and years to develop. What happens hourly, daily or even weekly does not lead to a sustainable trend an investor can profit from. Savvy investors understand that it might take years for a situation to boil over and create the perfect situation for price to spike up high. You will need to learn what really matters and not to sweat the small stuff, daily, weekly or even monthly. Precious metal investments are good if you plan to stay in the market to plan for a long stay, not a short period of time.

Where does the market stand?

Currently people think that as stocks turned bearish, gold should be bullish. The bullish nature of gold and silver has been going on for a while now. It’s a good place for gold to be. If it had not been for the high economic stimulus that governments have given and the unheard printing of money, more people would have continued. The economic trends are your friend. Investing in commodities can be helpful but everyone has an opinion and their predictions on where the world is headed economically. We seem to be stuck in a bog as far as geopolitical risks are concerned. Inflation rates are high, unemployment rates too. The poor have gotten poor and those who had money but did not safeguard its value have woken up to the fact that a dollar doesn’t stretch as far as it should. And their money in the bank might not be worth much at the end of the day. You don’t want to be the guy who wishes that they had listened when everyone said “buy gold now” to hedge against crisis but instead trusted that you would be better off keeping it all in traditional stocks and bonds and savings account. The stock market has been to crash without much warning and we now know, thanks to the 2008 financial crisis that banks are never too big to fall. Buy bullion bars now and not later when everyone is moving into their underground bunkers to escape a possible catastrophe.