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Miki Agrawal Embraces Authenticity; Sells Herself In Business

When you shop around for something on the internet, what draws you to your final choice? A blend of branding, affordability, and user interest is likely the key to unlocking sales success, and that is exactly what Miki Agrawal has laid her focus on.

Miki Agrawal is a renowned disruptor, social entrepreneur, and author who has spent the better part of the past ten years bringing change to bathrooms throughout America through her bidet brand, TUSHY.

As much an entrepreneurial icon as she is an entrepreneur, Miki Agrawal took time out of her day to explore what makes her approach different and why it might be so successful.

Creating Disruption

When Miki Agrawal first broke into the industry, she likely had no idea just how far she would go as an entrepreneur. From relatively modest beginnings, Agrawal would work her way up the ladder in the entrepreneurial world by establishing a range of successful ventures, including restaurants, toilet bidet brands, and period-proof underwear. Along the way, Agrawal honed in on what made her so successful: humor, artistry, and a commitment to honesty.

Agrawal said that she was guided to success by becoming a disruptor, and this was due in large part to her willingness to question everything. Agrawal said, “The questioning philosophy showed up in my entrepreneurial career as I looked to enter categories that have been ‘set for a long time’ with little to no innovation.”

Miki Agrawal also knows that to create disruption; you must also have a team ready to support your efforts. Agrawal said one of her keys to success was in surrounding herself with the right people. Agrawal added, “One of the first things I did with TUSHY was hired my CFO and CEO, which perfectly balanced out my creativity with their understanding of the technical.”

Learning From the Past

As Tushy has enjoyed continued growth since the company was first founded, Agrawal has had to keep her business on the rails to support its trajectory. One of the ways by which Agrawal has enjoyed so much success is by learning from her first mistakes in the industry.

Agrawal advocates for learning from looking foolish, adding, “I had to learn and accept that it’s impossible not to sometimes, and that’s okay.”

In addition to learning from her foolishness, Agrawal suggests that leaders in the entrepreneurial field get comfortable with forgiving themselves. Agrawal says, “Now, I check in with myself when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’m human, and there are going to be times when I’m tempted to take on more than I can handle.”

Ultimately, Agrawal understands that she no longer needs to take on every challenge to feel successful.