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Miki Agrawal Talks Bottoms and Business

In a recent interview, Miki Agrawal, founder of innovative company TUSHY, expounded on her success and the spirit of entrepreneurship that she nurtures in her business.

TUSHY, is a unique and innovative bidet solution and brand with the goal of elevating the antiquated bathroom hygiene routine.

Miki Agrawal has been fascinated with bidets since she was a very young girl. She says: I’m half Indian and half Japanese. Both of those cultures widely use bidets. Of course, I never really thought about owning one when I was younger because they were so expensive! I was also renting different apartments in New York City, so it was just never an option for me. But in 2014, I developed an intense hyperthyroid condition and one of the effects was pooping almost incessantly. It was excruciating to use toilet paper every time I had to poop. The skin on my butt felt raw and painful and the only way to get relief was to jump in the shower after each dump. My husband did some research and found a bidet popular in Asia that completely altered my life—and saved my bottom! I decided right then and there to bring it to the U.S.. I sought to develop the best-in-class, elegant and modern bidet and have it complement American culture.

TUSHY’s long-term objective is to become America’s most popular bidet brand. As they get larger, most businesses lose the passion that propelled them to success when they first started out. They believe that in order to maintain their clients, they must play it safe. My main objective for TUSHY is to become more innovative as we grow. We’ll keep communicating with consumers in an approachable, relevant manner, and we’ll use comedy to break down boundaries. We’ll keep coming up with crazy, intriguing, and gorgeous creative campaigns. We understand that this is what distinguishes our brand and draws people to us.

Entrepreneur Miki Agrawal says: We make every effort to avoid being known just as a “toilet” brand. Our inventiveness and invention, I believe, are what truly distinguish us. People are drawn to us because of our witty marketing strategies, as well as our gorgeous artwork.

One of the biggest problems as an entrepreneur has been dealing with the setbacks I’ve encountered while building my enterprises. But, looking back, I realize that every terrible and difficult event I’ve had has served as yet another valuable life lesson. One of the most common misunderstandings about achieving happiness is that you must first remove grief from your life. In fact, I believe the reverse is true. Only by going through pain can we truly understand joy. Joy and sadness, as Khalil Gibran puts it, “are inseparable.”

In addition to spearheading industry-disrupting businesses, Miki Agrawal is also the best-selling author of two popular books. Throughout her 15-year journey as an entrepreneur and since she founded TUSHY, Agrawal has received a variety of professional accolades, including being named Fast Company’s “Most Creative People,” “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum and hitting INC magazine’s “Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs.”