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Planning to Renovate? 3 Smart Ways to Finance Your Home Upgrade

People always dream of having a big house with a beautiful view, ample garden space and a swimming pool to take a regular dip. While it might not be possible for most middle-class salaried people to buy such a big-budget house, some like to have a medium-size house with an indoor garden, modular kitchen and the best quality furniture.

Whatever maybe your idea of a dream home, don’t let it fade away due to lack of finance, as a personal loan/personal loan for Home Renovation is available to make your dream a reality.

With the advent of the ‘work from home’ culture due to the current pandemic, it is the best time to renovate your home as people spend most of their time indoors.

Here Are 3 Smart Ways To Finance Your Home Upgradation:

  1. Second Mortgage

Borrowers can also choose a home equity loan, which is also called a second mortgage. They repay a fixed interest rate, and, in this case, the interest rate can be less compared to personal loan interest rate.

  1. Credit Card or Cash

Another simple and smart way is to use your credit card to buy that expensive furniture or renovate your kitchen. Also, one can use cash, but only if the amount required is significantly less, or else the best way is to go for a personal loan.

  1. Personal Loan

Once you decide to renovate your home, choose a bank or lender who could provide a personal loan for home renovation with lower interest rates. Check with top lenders and find out the best one that suits your budget and needs. Often, people go for a huge loan, hoping that they could repay it in another 10 or 15 years. Calculate your monthly expenses, income and work on a suitable loan amount accordingly.

If you know the loan amount required or have any query on the amount that will be sanctioned according to your income, banks and financial institutions will help you with just the click of a button. Don’t forget to calculate your Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs), interest amount and tenure. Choose the tenure amount wisely, and in case if you want to make part repayment of your personal loan, you can also do so after calculating your future expenses.


You can make use of either one of the smart ways mentioned above to upgrade your home or a combination of all three. Don’t put off your home renovation plans anymore. Start with your home upgradation right away!