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Steps that are taken when organizing a golf bag like a pro

The pace used when playing golf is very important. You should always arrange your golf bag. It will help in facilitating quick retrieval and return of all accessories and clubs used on the course.

This article gives an insight on how to organize golf bag in steps.

  1. Ensure that the golf bag is empty

Empty all the contents that are in your bag. You will realize that the current state of your golf bag contains unnecessary things. Excessive gear clutters the golf bag for no reason. It would be best if you carried the bag with ease and comfort.

  1. Assemble the necessary equipment

Put all the necessary equipment together. They include your irons, putters, and drivers. It will help you in deciding what you need and don’t.

  1. Consider the weather

The climate of the day will help you know what to carry on the golf course. If playing on a sunny day, you will not need a raincoat. You can carry refreshments instead to keep you hydrated as you play.

You should also take into account the setting of the golf course as you arrange your bag.

  1. Arrange your putter

The golf bag comes in three separate sections. They include;

  • The front side of the bag
  • The backside of the bag

The putter should be placed at the back of your bag, which is located near the straps. In some instances, the golf bag is equipped with a putter sleeve.

  1. Organizing your woods and drivers

Drivers and woods are also placed at the back of the golf bag. It happens when the bag does not contain a putter compartment. Arrange your golf clubs from the longest to the shortest.

To control confusion with your smaller golf clubs, ensure that 1-3 irons are at the back.

  1. Arrange your short clubs and middle irons

There are 3-7 long and mid-range irons. They should be placed after or under the driver. The long irons should go to the left while the mid-range to the right.

It will help in creating an ideal balanced weight when carrying your golf bag. The front session of the golf bag accommodates short games and wedges. It handles all the extra wedges.

  1. Categorize your golf accessories

Ensure that all your accessories are appropriately placed in the golf bag. It will help to make your round of golf a fun-filled experience. The commonly used supplements are held in the side pockets of the golf bag.

At the top and front pockets, you can place your ball markers, tees, and spare golf balls. Items such as rule books, sunglasses, and gloves go to the side pockets since they are the least used.


It is all you get when you arrange your golf bag properly. It will save you a lot of time while playing on the course. A healthy-managed golf bag makes you look like a professional in this game.