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Top Skip Tracing Tools From Microbilt Reviewed!

Skip tracing tactics are used for tracking down someone, who is otherwise not reachablethrough standard means of communication. It is often confused with bounty hunting, but both are not the same. Skip tracing is legal in the US and is often used by debt collection agencies, skip tracers, process servers, and other businesses. MicroBilt is a company that specializes in skip tracing tools, and they have a comprehensive suite of products designed to simplify and ease the process. In this post, we are going to take a quick look at some of MicroBilt’s best products. They also have ID verification tools, for which you can refer to their website.

Super Phone

Among their better and more comprehensive tools is Super Phone. This tool allows the user to look for details using different kinds of combinations of available information, so as to find details that are not accessible otherwise. MicroBilt does rely on the records and information available on public domain, but they also have reports and data that’s proprietary to them, so you can expect to get more than just what you are looking for. Super Phone is an incredible tool, which generates simplified reports, which includes phone numbers, addresses, and business names, besides other things.

People Search

People Search is among their basic skip tracing tools, best used in the initial process of trying to locate a person. It allows one to find details of an individual that include name, history of addresses, current location & address, and aliases, if any. People Search also has an advanced version called Enhanced People Search, which allows to quickly locate an individual, with the same details along with critical identity-related information.

Address Search

Address Search is also one of their advanced skip tracing tools, which allows one to find details through flexible requests. As the name suggests, this tool is designed to find current and overall address history of a person, besides aliases. The best thing about MicroBilt is the extent of support they offer for each of their products, and they are also available for customers who need personal and more unique assistance for their skip tracing needs.

Trace Detail

The last tool that we want to talk about is called Trace Detail, which allows skip tracers to find details of neighbors, partners, associates, and cohabitants, in case the details of the person is not accessible, or other kind of communication doesn’t work. You can check more details of Trace Detail on MicroBilt’s website.

Final word

There is no denying that MicroBilt has done an incredible job at making skip tracing an easy task for businesses, skip tracers, and debt collectors. They have an amazing team that is willing to further offer help with anything that one may not understand about these tools. To add to that, you can find sample reports of what to expect from a skip tracing tool, so there is no confusion whatsoever in terms of expectations.

Check online now to find more on MicroBilt’s suite and contact them for more details.