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Traits to consider while choosing a personal injury attorney in Philadelphia

Auto accidents, medical malpractice, defamation of character are some instances of personal injury. Personal injuries are caused due to negligent actions of others, which give you the prerogative to file a personal injury lawsuit to compensate for your losses. The medical costs and financial hardships can be highly crippling so settlement can help you mitigate the financial depletion at such a time. 

Personal injury cases conclude in an ‘all-or-nothing’ situation, hence looking at the qualifications of your attorney becomes crucial. 

When working with an experienced attorney the chances of maximizing compensation shoot up. Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys possess all the traits you require to win the case. 

 Here are 5 most important traits to consider:

1] Strong Negotiation Skills 

Insurance companies always haggle when it comes to paying your claims. They put in their best efforts to minimize the amount they pay. At such a time, having an attorney with strong negotiation skills comes as a huge advantage. Negotiating a settlement with the companies is the primary step, and reflecting the severity of your damages requires a strong negotiator. 

2] Knowledge of State and Federal laws 

There are several laws applicable to personal injury. An attorney can only be trusted enough when he is thorough with the knowledge of State and Federal laws. If one is devoid of this knowledge, it might impact the procedure and the compensation you deserve. 

3] Knowledge of Medical Issues Associated with Your Case


When it comes to medical issues, some injuries are healed right away, but some require lifetime nursing and therapies. [Eg. Brain injuries require a lot more than one time medical expenses.] Hence, your attorney should be well-acquainted with medical issues and should also know medical practitioners, who can demonstrate the true damage caused. 

4] Litigation Experience

If settlement doesn’t work out, your case might go into trial. In that circumstance, you should have an attorney who can interrogate witnesses effectively, leverage technical aspects to your advantage, connect with the jury, and prove your side credibly. 

5] Strong Communication Skills

The entire process rests on how well your attorney communicates. Negotiating with insurance companies, being assertive in the trials, all requires effective communication. 

A few other traits of an attorney include- extensive experience in handling similar cases, specialization in personal injury laws, and proven track record of success. When the lawyer advocating on your behalf is skilled, it ensures a favorable outcome and triumph.