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Why refit in Turkey?

Your hunt for a winter boat refurbishment is ended. After considering numerous options, Turkey was chosen to do the repair. Why should yacht owners and crew select a Turkish shipyard?

The location

Turkey is a unique country that preserves world heritage and honors bygone cultures. Magnificent stories, like the Bible and Homer’s old Greek epic, have their beginnings in this region. This magnificent place is filled of incredible stories and life-changing experiences. Cappadocia’s underground cities, rock monasteries, and otherworldly panoramas, Istanbul, capital of four great empires… These are just a few wonderful U.S. places. Turkey boasts the world’s most historic buildings. Turkey has two “7 Wonders” and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Turkey is an excellent place to visit while your yacht is being repaired.

The expertise

Whether it’s a brand new yacht or a renovation of an old one, Turkish shipyards guarantee satisfaction thanks to their cutting-edge facilities, engineering knowledge, competent craftsmen, and solid financial support. In light of these findings, Turkish teams can confidently say that their shipyards are not only the best in the region, but also among the best in the world.


Most Turkish shipyards want you to enjoy your time there, whether working or playing. Time-saving services include:

Book flights, hire cars/motorbikes/vans, and send supplies to the ship and its crew. The shuttle service is also available to customers.

Shipyards are happy to help you find a long-term or short-term option, such as a villa, apartment, or hotel. Shipyards can help you find long-term or short-term housing.

Shipyard workers know the area’s dentists, doctors, laundry services, restaurants, and day trip and shopping spots.