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Why Using A Clock In And Out App Is Essential For You And Your Business

Managing hours and employees is crucial for the success of any business. If you’re an owner or manager, using a clock in and out app has several benefits to help your business be more financially healthy, productive, and adaptable.

If you’re an employee, using a clock in and out app essentially makes the entire process of clocking in, tracking your hours, keeping your timecard secure, and getting paid much easier. An online timecard system gives you the freedom and autonomy to focus on your job and not deal with many logistical issues.

For Employees: Manage Time and Get Paid

One of the best uses of a clock in and out app for employees is that it automatically records time and wages. This means no more spending time filling out timesheets and waiting on errors to be corrected.

As an employee, you don’t have to worry about managing your own time and can focus on doing your job. This also ensures that you can get paid quickly thanks to payroll integrations since the time clock automatically records data and processes it for payroll. A time and attendance app eliminates errors and speeds up the process of getting paid so that you get paid on time, every time.

For Businesses: Eliminate Micromanaging

Something that can drain a lot of productivity out of your business is micromanaging all the comings and goings of each employee. The more time management spends trying to track attendance, schedule employees, and handle disputes, the less time they have to run the actual business at hand.

Online timesheet software eliminates much of the micromanaging by cataloging all the information managers need to know and making it easily accessible. If things need to be known or requests need to be approved, they can be done quickly.

Timesheet management software also allows managers to address scheduling and attendance issues at a glance rather than relying on employee punches and continuous oversight to track who’s working and who isn’t. It also allows managers to be more fluid so that if more staff is needed, they can be called in in a pinch to help out and meet customer demand.

For Employees: More Control

Being an employee for a business can be difficult if scheduling conflicts with life responsibilities. A clock in and out app gives employees a few advantages when it comes to scheduling because it makes it easier to access their schedule, request time off, and even make adjustments to meet their needs.

Time off requests can be made to management, and potential scheduling issues can be averted. This helps prevent employee burnout and makes it easy to keep attendance high since schedules can be made to suit employee needs.

Not only that, employees can access their schedules earlier and plan for the week ahead to be ready to handle their work.

For Businesses: Manage Labor Costs

Not calculating overtime and managing employee hours can eat away at profits. An online time clock makes it much easier to track hours, see who is working, and monitor overtime. Overtime is one of the most significant parts of labor costs since wages are much higher once they reach overtime.

Using online employee timesheet software, managers can see staffing levels and hours and, if need be, send employees home who are nearing overtime. This cuts labor costs when overtime is not necessary.  If an employee works overtime, it must be paid regardless of productivity, so preventing overtime before it happens can save significant amounts of money and help to avoid labor costs.