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Why Wholesalers Prefer Dropshipping

Wholesalers are the ones who store huge amounts of products in their inventory so that they can sell them to the customers. Due to their mode of operation wholesalers must have huge numbers of different products. It requires a huge amount to have such a stock. In fact, a new wholesaler business takes too much risk by investing such a huge amount. When the wholesale buyers find a business which helps in selling the products more conveniently and efficiently, they are bound to appreciate it. As business offers dropshipping to their wholesale customers, they would prefer that business over others. The wholesale buyers can take the orders and place the orders directly with the dropshipping business. The products reach the customers directly from the dropshippers. There is no need for the wholesalers to have the products in their stock as the partner with

Meet the demands of increased number of customers.

Whole sale customers having an inventory can only sell the products which are available in their inventory. This might lead to customers not getting access to certain products at certain time due to unavailability. This would make them turn towards other businesses and would hamper the customer base to a great extent. But when they have a partnership with dropshipping platform, they can show more products which are not present in the inventory. As the dropshippers take all the responsibility of taking the products to the customers, a wholesaler can sell more products to more customers without inventory.


With the help of dropshipping platforms like dropshipping on amazon, the wholesalers can operate the business from anywhere in the world. As all the operation is solely based on internet, it is not necessary for the wholesaler to be around. With the presence of a dropshipping partner, a wholesaler can enjoy better flexibility. For such reasons, wholesale customers are preferring this model. Offering dropshipping to your wholesale customers would help to win more customers in a short span of time.