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How To Choose The Right Uniform For Your Restaurant Staff

Choosing the right uniform for your restaurant staff from reputed platforms like Prudential Overall Supply is important. A good uniform can help to define your brand and make you stand out from competitors, while a bad one can undermine the professionalism of your business. It should also be comfortable for employees to wear and easy for them to maintain.

Choose colors that complement your brand

The color you choose will be the first thing people notice when they look at your staff. Make sure it reflects your brand and stands out against everything else going on in the restaurant; without this, you risk being lost in the crowd. Your staff’s dress should stand out and make it easy to spot so customers can find them.

Colors should also be bold and bright, as they need to stand out from a distance. A dull or muted shade will not only fail to capture attention but could even seem drab or unprofessional in an environment where customers are looking for something vibrant, fun, and exciting.

Keep comfort front of mind when choosing fabrics

When choosing fabrics, keeping the wearer’s comfort in mind is a good idea. A restaurant worker won’t be able to work effectively if they feel uncomfortable or distracted by their uniform. So look for comfortable, easy-to-clean, durable, breathable, and fire-resistant materials—and look out for any features that make your staff feel like they’ve stepped back into their childhood home.

Have a good think about coats, aprons, and hats

You should also think about what kind of clothing the staff will be wearing. A coat that is waterproof and breathable is a must for anyone working outdoors, while an apron that can be washed regularly is also important. It’s worth thinking about the weather in your area and other factors such as how much time staff spend outside or near windows.

Staff may need hats to protect them from sunburn or windburn on certain occasions, so it’s worth considering what type of hat you would like your staff to wear on these occasions.

Ensure uniforms fit the job

You’ll need to consider several factors to ensure your uniforms fit the job.

  • Fit: Your employees need to be comfortable in their uniforms, so ensure they’re not too tight or loose. For example, if an employee is constantly tugging at their pants during a shift due to discomfort, this will disrupt their focus and cause other customer problems.
  • Quality: Your staff may be wearing their uniforms for long periods each day (e.g., waitstaff), so you want them to last as long as possible without fading or falling apart easily. Buying cheap clothing might seem like it saves money upfront—but when things break down within weeks instead of months or years, it costs more overall than if you’d bought quality products in the first place!
  • Durability: Uniforms should withstand repeated washing cycles without losing color/fuzziness/stitching popping out everywhere; otherwise, your team members will constantly have clean-up duties on top of everything else they have going on during shifts. It’s also important that any buttons are secure enough so there’s no risk someone could lose one while working hard under pressure at high temperatures (possibly near hot food).

Pick the right footwear

When you’re picking out uniform shoes, there are a few factors to keep in mind. First, ensure they’re comfortable and supportive so your staff can do their best work. In addition to being supportive and comfortable, the right shoes should also not be slippery or noisy.

You want staff who can concentrate on giving great service without worrying about slipping on the floor or making too much noise when moving around. Finally, think about durability and easy cleaning when choosing footwear for your employees; no one wants their socks getting wet every time someone spills soup all over themselves.


The right uniform can be a powerful way to show your commitment to customer service, so it’s important that you choose wisely. We hope our tips have inspired you for your next design project and led you in the direction of a great new look for your staff.