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Kevin Modany of BlueRock Partners Defines Core Traits for Leadership Success

As the CEO of BlueRock Partners as well as its Managing Director, Kevin Modany has been uniquely focused on cultivating an environment where his team can flourish. A seasoned executive with decades of experience in leadership, Modany has cultivated a unique set of skills to help his businesses flourish where and when they can.

Seeking to share his insights with other executives and entrepreneurs angling for leadership positions, Kevin Modany sat down to highlight a few of the key attributes that he believes every CEO should have in their toolset.

Let’s explore Modany’s key traits for leadership success together.

Build an Environment of Collaboration

As the Chairman and CEO of ESI Service Corp, it was up to Kevin Modany to cultivate an environment where his colleagues felt free to collaborate. Modany believes that a truly winning environment is one within which employees and leaders can work together to excel. CEOs will use these opportunities to look for solutions alongside colleagues where empathy and respect can take the value of each individual into consideration.

Kevin Modany went on to say, “The objective of a leader should be to get the people motivated. A component of that is being honest and transparent and truthful.”

Take Responsibility for Performance

Kevin Modany suggests corporate leaders should be ready to take on the responsibility for their company’s performance, both good and bad. As the internal and external face of the business, Modany suggests that the Chief Executive Officer is the individual, whereupon the buck finally stops.

CEOs should be ready to lead their members, employees, and Board of Directors while keeping everyone accountable for their behavior along the way. Modany says, “If I have something to say to you, you’re going to be the first one to know about it.”

Be Prepared For Innovation

Corporate leaders must not only be ready to steer the ship, but they must also be ready to reinvent the wheel along the way. In the highly competitive marketplace of ideas that we currently live within, innovation is the predictor of success that every corporate leader needs to focus on.

New technologies can often lead to innovation, while new ideas are the fuel that leads to them. Modany suggests endorsing the exploration of new thoughts, ideas, and technologies, no matter how out of left field they might feel.

Focus on Employee Development

Finally, it is essential for executive leaders to focus on cultivating an environment wherein their employees can thrive and grow. Developing employees is a great way to lead to ‘win-win’ scenarios. Companies that can offer good career growth will also do better at attracting the kind of employees that they want for the long term. Companies should invest in training programs while enhancing career growth opportunities where and when they are available.