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The Importance Of Custom Floor Mats

Floor mats are essential whether you own a retail store, manage a warehouse distribution center, or conduct business in another setting. Even better are custom logoed floor mats. This is why. 

Keeping Your Staff and Customers Safe

People slip and fall on wet floors. Unexpected slips, trips, and falls are the third most common cause of injury in the wholesale and retail trade industries, resulting in lost workdays. Falls can sometimes result in litigation, with payouts ranging in the millions of dollars. Make sure each location’s staff and public entrances have a high-quality floor mat to absorb the slick rain, snow, and ice that your visitors unwittingly track in. Before your floor mats get old and ineffective, replace them.

Keep Your Business Clean

The weather is one thing that no one can predict these days. Where it should be pouring, it’s dry and dusty, yet it’s chilly and rainy where people expect snow. Whatever the weather does, one thing you can bet on is that people will bring dirt, dust, rain, snow, and salt into your store with them. You can either let all those dirty shoes and boots bring unclean water, salt, and muck into your business, or you can keep your institution clean and safe by using high-quality floor mats to catch all that unwanted filth.

Helps Customers Find Your Location

If your business is located in a strip mall or other nondescript structure with several tenants and similar entrances, logoed floor mats are required to ensure that consumers are directed to the correct location. As they travel from their cars to your entrance, today’s clients are multitasking. Most likely, their attention is diverted while they talk to their young children, check in with their coworkers, or check their emails on their phones. And millennials and younger customers are almost probably posting to social media while walking. Because everyone is looking down, let your distracted customers know they’ve arrived at the proper location as soon as they walk through the door. Durable berber fibers are used to make outdoor logoed mats that are weather resistant and can stay outside.

Underutilized Marketing Tool
Since the days of basic black floor mats, imprinting technology has improved dramatically. Floor mats may now be printed in full color, allowing you to show off your items in incredible detail to a captive audience. Inquire about high-definition, computer-dyed floor mats from your floor mat manufacturer.

Thank You For Vendors

The distributors of your goods are the lifeblood of your business. Your inventory would be lying on warehouse shelves, unsold, if it weren’t for your distribution network. Distributors are frequently tiny, local businesses with limited resources. Furthermore, they are just as capable of selling your competitors’ items as they are of selling yours.

Pay for some of your distributors’ warehousing essentials to show them how much you appreciate their efforts. Their warehouse managers, for example, would love some new floor mats for their entrances, as well as cushioned, anti-fatigue mats for personnel who are on their feet all day. When your logo and contact information are placed on the floor mats, they serve as a daily reminder to send their business your way.

Floor mats with logos are not an option. They’re just as important and anticipated as having your company name on your door, front window, and roadside sign. Now is the time to invest in new personalized floor mats.

Author bio:- Josh Hensley is Director of Operations for Custom-Mats, with over seven years of experience. The company specializes in promotional advertising with custom floor mats and other products. He manages the day-to-day operations of the business including order processing and customer service.